Learning the ABC with Lula

A magnetic Kit enabling children to learn the ABC at eye level

Research shows that children learn better when presented with pictures and words at eye level. Our magnetic board is designed to be placed at eye level on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface.


Objectives of the Kit:

  • To recognize and learn the letters from A to Z
  • To read words
  • To form and write words

Kit Price: $29.99

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The Kit Contains:

  • 2 magnetic boards which form a large home board when placed next to each other.
  • 57 letter magnets including 2 sets of the letters a-z and an additional set of lower case vowels in a different color.
  • 4 magnets for a memory game.
  • 4 "Smiley" magnets designed to provide feedback to the child.
  • 6 blank magnets on which to write capital letters for words such as names, places etc.
  • One magnetic erasable marker, for writing on and erasing from the board.

Suggestions for Eye Level Learning:

  • Place the two magnetic boards side by side in order to study the sequence of the alphabet
  • Identify and repeat the letters of the ABC and match to the appropriate illustration
  • Place the letter magnets on the board in the appropriate place
  • Play the memory game:  Hide one of the letters on the board with the appropriate magnet and encourage the child to discover the hidden letter.  The letter can be said out loud, looked for or written on the board
  • Form words on the magnetic board using the letter magnets then write the words with the erasable marker.  The lower part of the home board is for practising the formation and writing of words.  Encourage the children to choose a word from the board or word bank, find the appropriate magnet letters and then place them on the board in the correct sequence to form the word.  Encourage them to write as well.

The visual exposure and involvement of family members will help children remember and internalize new information more easily. 


Happy Learning !